The Home Page provides a single point of access to quickly and easily manage client information and many components of each account.

Click Menu in the top left corner > Home

This includes:

  • Advisor Pending Items: Advisors may now view a list of pending items from both the home page and the bell icon.

  • Client Pending Items: A list of records that you can sort and search.
  • Recent Activity Tab: All recent funding and account application activity during the past five days in all client and fund accounts.
  • Add Account: Invitations to clients to complete account applications either electronically or semi-electronically.
  • Add a Trading Partition: create sub accounts for authorized traders.
  • Add/Edit Widgets: Allows users to hide, relocate and customize the panel on the homepage.
  • Top Ten Performers: Displays ten clients ranked by their year-to-date (YTD) performance.
  • Notifications: Information on upcoming corporation actions related to positions held in each account.
  • Assets Under Management: The consolidated NAV and YTD return of your AUM.
  • Master Account Balance: The total balance in your master account.
  • Margin Requirements - Shows you the current margin requirements for your account.
  • Calendar: A mini-calendar for scheduling and reviewing upcoming events.
  • Workflows: A simple way to assign tasks and monitor the workflows.
  • Notes: Create, view, edit or delete notes for your contacts.
  • Documents: Upload, view, or delete documents.
For more information on Notes, Workflows, Calendar, Documents, and Email, please click here.