The CRM Workflow lets you assign tasks to a specific contact then monitor the workflow.

You may access Workflows in two locations within the Portal: the Home page and the Agenda tab. Workflows are sorted first by date (ascending) then by priority (descending).

From the Home Page

  1. Click Menu in the top left corner > Home > Workflows

From the Agenda Tab in Contacts

  1. Click Menu in the top left corner > Contacts > Select the i Information icon next to a contact > Click the Agenda tab in the Menu bar to see all the workflows associated with the selected contact.

  2. When you create a workflow on the Agenda tab, the contact list automatically populates with the contact you have open. You can add more contacts as needed.

Workflow Stages

The active stage is shown with [ACTIVE] next to the stage number. The active stage determines the workflow's due date and priority. When reviewing or editing a workflow it automatically displays the active stage. For example, if there are four stages and the third is active, the workflow will show the third stage. You can navigate forward and backward from there.