Account Reporting

The Reporting panel on the Account Settings screen lets you configure the following account settings:

  • Base Currency - Modify the base currency for your account.
  • Section 13 - Once you subscribe to this service, we monitor your aggregate sub account and proprietary positions for thresholds specified in Section 13 of the Exchange Act.
  • EU Regulatory Reporting - Configure additional information to satisfy MiFID II & MiFIR requirements.
  • US Consolidated Audit Trail Reporting - Configure CAT Reporting
  • Flex Web Service: Activate to use Flex Queries without logging into Advisor Portal.
  • Third Party Services: Activate to enable the use of third party services to download activity data.
  • Data Feeds - Will list any current enabled third-party data feeds for the account.
  • Trader ID: Report used to identify the person who executed a trade without revealing the user name.
  • FTP: How to view your FTP credentials, if applicable.
  • PGP Key - Encryption for file delivery.