Section 13

Through our Advisor Compliance Obligations Reporting System, we now provide Section 13 monitoring, alerts and on-demand reporting for advisors trading through us that they may need to file Form 13F or Schedules 13D/13G with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) because of the types and amount of positions held in their client and proprietary accounts. This system was designed to support Form 13F and Schedule 13D/G monitoring and reporting for advisory firms with multiple advisors.

You must activate the service before you can subscribe to alerts and on-demand reporting. Once you subscribe to this service, we monitor your aggregate sub account and proprietary positions for thresholds specified in Section 13 of the Exchange Act. You can elect to receive alerts and/or reports when your positions exceed these thresholds. You are then required to file the appropriate form or schedule with the SEC.

We currently support the following filings:

  • Form 13F - Reporting equity positions in managed portfolios of more than $100 million.
  • Schedules 13D/13G - Reporting significant acquisition and ownership positions.

The Compliance menu includes these pages, which represent different functions in our Advisor Compliance Initiative system:

Who Can Subscribe to this Service?

You are eligible to subscribe to this service if you are an account user with Compliance Functions user access rights for one of the following types of advisor accounts:

  • Registered Advisor
  • Non-Registered Advisor
  • Family Advisor
  • Non-Professional Advisor
  • Hedge Fund Investment Manager
  • Family Office Advisor
  • Money Manager