Trader ID

Trader ID identifies the person who executed a trade without revealing his or her username. Institutional account master users use this page to enable Trader ID and view a list of all Trader IDs and their corresponding users, usernames and account IDs.

Once enabled, all users for the master and client/sub accounts will be assigned a unique Trader ID; and the Trader ID field will be displayed in the Activity and Trade Confirmation Flex Queries.

Trader ID Rules

Trader IDs consist of a letter prefix followed by a number in sequence for each username. The letter prefixes are:

  • M - Indicates a username associated with the Master account.
  • C - Indicates a username associated with a client or sub account.

To enable Trader ID

  1. Click the User menu (head and shoulders icon in the top right corner) > Settings > Account Reporting.
  2. Under Account Reporting select Trader ID.

  1. Click the Trader ID for Reporting Status check box.
  2. Click Save.

All users associated with the master account and client/sub accounts will be assigned a unique Trader ID. Once assigned, the Trader IDs will appear on the Trader ID page as shown above.

Trades reported on Activity Statements, Trade Confirmations and Flex Queries will show the Trader ID associated with the username of the person who submitted the trade.