Classic TWS Trading Tools Menu

Menu Command Description
Vital Signs  
Quote Monitor A trading page that holds market data lines for all products, and algo provides complete order management.
Watchlist Opens a new floating watchlist window that allows you to view multiple tickers in a single, small window.
Market Depth (Level II) Shows Level II quotes with no trading capabilities.
Market Depth Trader (Level II) Displays aggregated Level II market data. The Market Depth Trader also displays shows the Quote Panel and allows for complete order management.
Stock/Futures Focus  
BookTrader Create, modify and transmit orders for a single contract from within the book price ladder.
Integrated Stock Window A dynamic, customizable tool that includes all of the data and order management tools to analyze the current market, track activity, make trading decisions and place orders for a selected security.
Merger Arbitrage Use the Merger Arbitrage window to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities associated with takeovers or mergers.
ScaleTrader An automated trading algorithm designed to help you effectively buy into a declining market at ever-lower prices, scale into a toppy market, or scale out of a long position.
Accumulate/ Distribute An automated trading algorithm that helps you effectively trade large blocks of stock without being detected in the market.
Options/Events Focus  
Option Chain Displays the Option Chain section of the OptionTrader, with data only (no order management).
Strategy Builder Strategy Builder allows you to quickly and easily build option combination strategies directly from the Option Chains.
Option Strategy Lab Option Strategy Lab helps you to create and submit both simple and complex multi-leg option orders, based on your own price and volatility forecasts.
Probability LabSM The Probability Lab offers a practical way to think about options without the complicated mathematics.
Volatility Lab Volatility Lab comprises a comprehensive toolkit of volatility tools designed to help you uncover superior trading opportunities.
OptionTrader An integrated suite of options tools that allows provides market data and statistics, lets you create and manage options orders, view available option chains and easily create combination strategies, all in a single screen.
Write Options Opens the Write Options tool.
Rollover Options Opens the Rollover Options tool.
Option Portfolio An automated trading algorithm that helps you adjust the risk profile of your portfolio by any of the Greek risk dimensions.
Volatility Trader Creates a trading page that lets you trade in terms of volatility rather than price.
FOREX Focus  
FXTrader Custom-designed trading tool with optimized display for FX traders that emphasizes the key price component.
FX Matrix Light version of the FXTrader that shows FX pairs quotes with no trading capabilities.
IBot - type to trade Opens IBot which is a text-based interface which helps you to complete key trading tasks without having to navigate anywhere else.
BasketTrader Designed to trade previously-created basket files or baskets based on a selected index.
Rebalance Portfolio Simplifies periodic portfolio balancing.
SpreadTrader Create futures spreads and option combos.
Stock Borrow/Loan  
Stock Borrow/Loan Creates a Stock Borrow/Loan page that provides access to the borrow/loan marketplace.
Blotter Use the Blotter window to receive and create tickets, and to create and manage orders.
Ticket Tools Allows you to create / view tickets, view incoming tickets, view other users messages, and view blotter trades.
Button Groups Allows you to view and use our trading buttons.