Enter Wire Deposit

A wire deposit notification does not actually move funds; you must make arrangements with your bank or broker to deposit the funds. Deposits that move money into your account are only available if you are enrolled in the Secure Login System.

The steps below describe how to enter a wire deposit notification. ACH and Canadian EFT deposits are different and require a few extra steps. Click here for detailed instructions on connecting your bank via ACH.

  1. Click the Transfer & Pay > Transfer Funds

    • Alternatively, click Menu in the top left corner > Transfer & Pay > Transfer Funds

  2. If you are managing multiple accounts, the Account Selector opens. Select the account you want to use for this transaction, or use the search function in the Account Selector to find the desired account. Click continue to submit your account selection and close the Account Selector.

  3. Select Make a Deposit.

  4. In the Currency list, select the currency of your deposit.

  5. Select Bank Wire

  6. You can save your bank information for use in future deposit requests. In the Bank Information section, do one of the following: 

    • Select Yes if you would like to save the bank information for future use.

    • Select No if you do not want to save the bank information on file.

  7. Input the Sending Institution and Account Nickname. The Account Number field is optional.

  8. In the Deposit Amount section, type the amount of your intended deposit in the Amount field.

  9. In the Recurring Transaction section, decide if you want to save this deposit or deposit notification as a recurring transaction.

    If you would like to save this deposit notification as a recurring transaction, select the check box and complete all the fields and selections in that section, including a name for the recurring transaction, the frequency of recurrence (Monthly, Quarterly or Annually), and a Start Date. If you do not want to save this transaction as a recurring transaction, do not select the check box.

    Note: You can view all of your saved bank information and recurring transactions on the Saved Information page.

  10. Click Get Wire Instructions to submit your deposit notification or click Back to cancel the transaction.

    A page appears with additional instructions that describe what you need to provide to your bank to complete the actual deposit of funds.

  11. Click View Transaction History to view the status of your deposit notification, or click Make a Deposit to initiate another fund transfer.