Enter an ACATS Position Transfer

A full ACATS transfer moves all of your assets from a third-party broker to your IBKR account. A partial ACATS transfer moves only those assets that you select.

If you want to use your third-party broker for an ACATS transfer AND save it in our system for future use, you must complete two tasks:

  • Initiate a new ACATS transfer, but choose to save the new broker information. No transfer is performed in this step.

  • Initiate a new ACATS transfer using the saved broker information. This is where you select the assets to transfer.

Note: You cannot simultaneously save new broker information and perform a transfer. The transfer must either be performed without saving the broker information, or the transfer must be performed after the broker information is saved.

Note: You may not withdraw your transferred shares for 10-30 business days after receipt from your third-party broker.

For more information, visit the Fund Your Account page on our website.