Contact Configuration

  1. Click Menu in the top left corner > Contacts

  2. From the Contacts page, click the i Information icon to the left of a contact. The Contact Information page opens. From the Contact Information page you can configure the following account settings:

    • Account Alias - Define an alternate name for an account that is easier to remember than your Account ID.

    • Account Type - Upgrade a Cash account to a Margin account, or upgrade a Margin account to a Portfolio Margin account.

    • Excess Funds Sweep - Configure how you want us to handle the transfer of excess funds between the Securities and Commodities segments of on an account

    • Client Account Access Privileges - Advisors have the option to enable trading for a specific sub account.

    • Close Account - Close an account on behalf of a client.

    • Abandon Applications - Abandon a pending application.

    • Reset Application - Reset an application that was previously abandoned.

    • Create Additional Account - Open an additional account or duplicate an account for a client.