Organize Data on a Page

You can sort a page of market data lines alphabetically by underlying ticker symbol. Use drag-and-drop to rearrange the order of your trading pages within the tabset.

To alphabetically sort page tabs

  1. For Mosaic - Navigate to your Watchlist in the Portfolio Panel and right click on the Financial Instrument Column. Select Sort By Financial Instrument followed by Ascending.

    For Classic TWS - Navigate to your Watchlist tab and right click on the Sort By followed by Sort By Financial Instrument.Then select Ascending.

    Additionally, you may right click on the Tab and select Sort Tickers.

To move a Quote Monitor in Classic TWS within the pages tabset

  1. Click on a page tab to select the page.

  2. Click and hold the mouse, and drag the page left or right within the tabset.

  3. Release the mouse to drop the page in its new location.

You cannot move the Pending page tab in Classic TWS.