ISW Order Entry Sub Panels

Use the sub-panels to create advanced orders and apply order attributes. Use the Destination list to select an algo exchange and define an algo order.

To Use the Sub Panels

  1. Click the sub-panels drop down to display the list of available attributes and advanced order types.

    Note: This menu is context-sensitive, so that only the order types that are valid for the order parameters you have defined will be shown. For example, if your order type is Stop, the Scale sub-panel will not be shown in the drop-down list for that order since the Scale attributes can only be applied to Limit and Relative orders.

  2. Check the order attributes you want to apply to open the sub-panel(s) for that order type.

  3. Enter values for the selected order type.

To Enter an Algo Order

  1. From the DEST drop-down list, select an algo destination under the Algorithms section.

  2. In the new algo-specific panel, enter algo parameters.

See the TWS Users’ Guide topics for details on setting up algo orders:

  • IBAlgos