Create A Group Header

Use Group Header rows to separate instruments on the same page into custom-designed categories. Use in a Watchlist or on a Quote Monitor in the Classic TWS interface.

To Create a Group Header

  1. Navigate to the Monitor Panel and select the Watchlist tab.

  2. Right click in an empty row and select Create Group Header

    If you need to create a row between lines of data, right-click and select Insert Row.

  3. Name your header row. For example, you may name this "US Stock".

  4. Click OK and you will see the header populate in your watchlist.

The Group Header is more than just a title; it actually keeps the group together (including all assets that come under it until the next Group Header, regardless of blank rows) if you auto-sort on the page by column header. Additionally, if you drag the header to another trading page, all tickers under the header will be dragged with it. And in the Classic TWS Quote Monitor, several of the P&L columns, including the Market Value, P&L, Realized P&L and Unrealized P&L columns will provide a total for all positions within the group and display those values on the Group Header row.