Exposure Fee Monitoring via Account Window

The Account Window provides the high-level information suitable for monitoring one's account on a real-time basis. This includes key balances such as total equity and cash, the portfolio composition and margin balances for determining compliance with requirements and available buying power. This window also includes information relating to the most recently assessed exposure fee and a projection of the next fee taking into consideration current positions.

To open the Account Window:

  • From TWS classic workspace, click on the Account icon, or from the Account menu select Account Window (Exhibit 1)

    Exhibit 1

  • From TWS Mosaic workspace, click on Account from the menu, and then select Account Window (Exhibit 2).

    Exhibit 2

  • After opening the window, scroll down to the Margin Requirements section and click on the + sign in the upper-right hand corner to expand the section. There, the "Last" and "Estimated Next" exposure fees will be detailed for each of the product classifications to which the fee applies (e.g., Equity, Oil). Note that the "Last" balance represents the fee as of the date last assessed (note that fees are computed based upon open positions held as of the close of business and assessed shortly thereafter). The "Estimated Next" balance represents the projected fee as of the current day's close taking into account position activity since the prior calculation (Exhibit 3).

    Exhibit 3

  • To set the default view when the section is collapsed, click on the checkbox alongside any line item and those line items will remain displayed at all times.

Please see click here for information regarding the use of our Risk Navigator for managing and projecting the Exposure Fee and click here for verifying exposure fee through the Order Preview screen.

Note: The Estimated Next Exposure Fee is a projection based upon readily available information. As the fee calculation is based upon information (e.g., prices and implied volatility factors) available only after the close, the actual fee may differ from that of the projection.

Exposure Fee Monitoring via the Account window is only available for accounts that have been charged an exposure fee in the last 30 days.