Digital Account Management (DAM) is available for Registered Advisors and Introducing Brokers that would like to customize IBKR's Registration System and Client Portal. Advisor/Broker will gather required data on their website and send the data to IBKR in XML format via RESTFUL Web API. DAM is used as an alternative to the IB Hosted Portal and supports the following functions:

DAM ECA: Registration System, Account Creation, Updating account information for existing accounts.

DAM FB: Facilitate ongoing fund transfers for accounts that are already approved/opened.



DAM Service is available by request only to advisors/brokers that are registered in FATF country.


Supported Account Types for Account Creation

Type Full DAM DAM Hybrid
Individual Y Y
Joint Y Y
Retirement (U.S. / Canada) Y Y
Trust N Y
Organization (LLC, Corporation, Partnership etc.)  N Y

Full DAM 

Application is hosted entirely by the counterparty.

DAM Hybrid

Provide IBKR with partial account data via DAM API. Client will complete the remaining applications steps via the IBKR hosted application (white branded). Advisor/Broker can direct the client to IBKR’s login page (white branded) or create /sso/create to complete remaining application steps.



Working knowledge and/or support staff with working knowledge of XML and PGP Key Encryption. Application data will be sent to IBKR in XML format via RESTful Web API. For the XML files, only ASCII characters are supported.


Initial Setup

DAM is available by request only. To enable this service; please reach out to and provide IBKR Account number.


What We Provide

IBKR provides everything you need to program your own XML-based client account application solution



Digital AM Web Service will be available on the Web at the following URLs:

Production Instance

  • (non-China region only)

  • (Mainland China only)

Quality Instance



We use a third party provider that offers Global DNS service with live health checks. The third party provider ensures that:

The domain is served from all our main data centers located globally (United States, Switzerland, Hong Kong).

User is sent to a data center that is closest to the user.

If a data center is down, the user is automatically sent to next closest healthy data center.

Healthchecks continuously performed against the DAM server to determine if data center is healthy.



The server resets on a nightly basis evening generally between 6PM- 6:01PM EST. Files submitted during this time may not be processed if the reset is still in progress.

Important to note: Data included within the document such as accountIDs, CSID, sha1_checksum is for reference only and do not reflect actual values.