Third-Party Downloads

You may download statements into any one of the following software:

  • Quicken Web Connect
  • GainsKeeper
  • Tradelog
  • Microsoft Money
  • Portfolio Center / Morningstar
  • Captools (Legacy)
  • Plaid

In addition, the following downloads are available upon request:

  • Daily Captools Downloads - Daily Captools downloads are available for clients upon request. Send your request to enable Captools downloads to If you request Daily Captools Downloads, the Activity Downloads page will contain an additional section for Daily Captools Downloads.
  • Daily PortfolioCenter®/MorningstarDownloads for Advisors (for advisor accounts only).

PortfolioCenter is a product of Schwab Performance Technologies, a subsidiary of The Charles Schwab Corporation.

If you are downloading your statements for use in a proprietary program that requires a set format, use Activity Flex Queries instead of Activity Downloads.