US Spot Gold

Clients will be able to receive physical delivery of unallocated US Spot Gold. If you would like to convert your US Spot Gold position into physical metal log into Portal and navigate to the Click the Help icon on the top right of the screen and select Secure Message Center. Compose > New Ticket > enter Physical Metal Delivery as a subject.

Physical Delivery of US Spot Gold

Unallocated US Spot Gold (symbol: USGOLD) can be converted into any of the following products:

  • Gold Bullion Bar (.999) - 1 kg

  • Gold Bullion Bar ISO Accredited (.9999) - 1 oz

  • Gold Bullion Bar ISO Accredited (.9999) - 10 oz

  • Gold American Eagle Coin - 1 oz

  • Gold American Buffalo Coin - 1 oz

  • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin - 1 oz

Requesting a Delivery

If you would like to convert your unallocated US Spot Gold position into a physical metal:

  1. Log in to Client Portal

  2. Navigate to the Message Center

  3. Click "Compose > New Ticket"

  4. Select "Physical Gold Delivery" as the Topic.

Log in to Portal

Delivery Costs and Shipping

The cost of physical delivery of US Spot Gold is the sum of:

  • The differential between the spot price of gold and the cost of the physical product.

    • Physical metals products are provided by FideliTrade Inc. Estimated cost of the physical product can be found on their website.

    • The cost of the product is the indicative ASK price displayed by FideliTrade1.

  • A $20 delivery fee plus an additional $2.50 per ounce delivered2.

  • A $500 processing fee.

FideliTrade shipping policy:

  • Bullion is shipped via FedEx, the US Postal Service, or armored carrier.

  • Bullion is insured to $100K per package when shipped via FedEx or US Postal Service and to higher levels when shipped via armored carrier.

  • Bullion is shipped only to addresses on the record on your account to ensure the highest level of security.

  • Individual shipments of bullion via FedEx or US Postal Service have a maximum value of $100K. Deliveries for bullion values larger than $100K will be broken up into multiple deliveries2.

1.The ASK price displayed is indicative only and subject to change.

2.The FideliTrade delivery fees and processes are subject to change. They can be confirmed after the delivery request is made