Short Selling Fields

To add Short Selling columns to the Quote Monitor or other window, hold your mouse over an existing Market Data column heading and click the green "+" sign to insert column. From the displayed list select Short Selling.

Column Name


Days to cover

Calculated as the aggregate short interest for the month divided by the average daily share volume traded between short interest settlement dates. Also known as "short interest ratio."

Fee rate Interest rate charged on borrowed shares.
Shares short

The total number of shares of a security that have been sold short by customers and securities firms that have not been repurchased to settle outstanding short positions in the market; the net short positions outstanding in the stock as of the settlement date.

Short % of Float Percentage of short interest shares to float shares outstanding. Percentage of Float % = short interest/float shares x 100.
Short Interest Change The percentage that the short interest shares have changed compared to the previous period.
Short Outstanding Ratio Percent of short interest to total shares outstanding.
Shortable Shares

The number of shares available for shorting.


Shows the ratio of shares lent to shares available, as a percentage. Illustrates the general level of demand for an asset; the larger the percentage, the greater the demand.