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Transmit a Basket Order

Once you have uploaded a basket of orders, you can modify them before you transmit by adding or removing instruments, changing the multiplier, reversing the order sides, and electing to convert limit orders to market, relative, or RPI orders.

Duration: Available with GTD time-in-force only. If you change the time-in-force to GTD, the Duration field is displayed. Specify how long you want anorder to continue to work in minutes, seconds or hours. If you set this attribute, the order will be cancelled at the end of the duration and any unfilled amount will remain unfilled.

IBKR ATS Routing: From the Destination field you can choose to route an order to IBKR ATS. This destination is designed to buy or sell a block of stock by trading against other IBKR customers without exposing your interest to the public markets. Orders directed to IBKR ATS are not displayed in the market and are not displayed to other IBKR customers.

You can modify the basket quantity in the Execute Basket section. By default, the quantity is 100%.

  • Change the percentage. This will be applied to each order in the basket. For example, if you change the quantity to 50%, the total quantity for each instrument is reduced by half.
  • Set a dollar amount. Switch the Quantity unit to "USD" and enter a value. By default, the system will divide the number of instruments in the basket by the dollar value and allocate the same amount to each, so a basket of 20 instruments with a quantity of 15,000 USD would allot 750 USD to determine the number of shares to transact, regardless of the current price of the instrument. To modify this default, check "Use per-contract quantity percentage," and in the "%" field for each individual instrument, specify the percent to allot to that instrument. The total must equal 100%. If you do not see the "%" field, add it by holding your mouse over an existing field and selecting "Insert Column." From the Basket category select "%".

Note that the system cannot guarantee the basket quantity when it is other than 100% due to exchange required order size rounding. This means that the value of the basket could be significantly higher than expected.

When you transmit a basket order, each order in the basket is cleared individually. If your account does not meet margin requirements, it is possible that only a portion of the basket order will fill.

See the BasketTrader order types page for examples and details.