Use the Miscellaneous order fields to apply individual order attributes and set specific rules for OCA groups.

All fields are not always visible. Only fields that apply to the current order will be shown.

Note: OCA group names must be unique to ensure proper handling of OCA orders. Once you use a name, you cannot use it again even after the order fills or is canceled.



Allocation Choose an account, model or portfolio strategy to receive allocation.

Order Ref

An identifying number you create to track your order.

Trigger Method

Select a new trigger method for the order.

ISE Midpoint Match

Choose from Standard or SOI for an ISE MPM order.

Routing Strategy Select a Smart routing strategy.

Req Market Data

Check to request market data for the order.

Block Order

Check to create a block order.

Sweep to Fill

Check to create a sweep-to-fill order.


Check to create a hidden order.

Auto-cancel parent For orders with a parent-child pair, check to have the parent order canceled when the child order is canceled.

All or None

Check to create an All or None order.


Checking this box indicates that you will take all the risk for partially-executed Smart routed combination orders. Note: Only Smart-routed US stock-option and option-option combinations are guaranteed.

Consider Cost

If checked, Smart routing will consider the total cost of executing the order, including commissions and other fees, when deciding where to route the order. If unchecked, only the exchange price is considered.

For smart-routed European stocks.

Preserve Time Priority

Check to keep your order in the queue and prohibit from canceling and resubmitting orders intermittently. This feature is used on exchanges that charge a handling fee for orders that remain on the order book for a specified period of time.

Hide Pennies

When checked, hides the penny pricing of your options order.

Post only

If checked, when there is non-displayed liquidity at the same price point, the order price is adjusted low (for a buy) or higher (for a sell) by one penny to avoid taking that liquidity. If the order comes in at a price higher (for a buy) or lower (for a sell) than an order already sitting on the book, it becomes an IOC (immediate-or-cancel) order at the better price.


Check to deactivate the order, which cancels the order

Seek Price Improvement

If checked, Smart routed orders sweep certain exchanges for hidden liquidity at more favorable prices, then checks the dark pools as usual before routing to an exchange. Note that activating this feature may result in slower executions.

Imbalance only

Submits the order only to take the imbalance from an opening or closing auction.

OCA Group

Group Name

If the order is part of a one-cancels-all order, enter the OCA name in this field. All orders with the same name in the OCA field become part of an OCA order. Once you use a name, you cannot use that name again even after the order executes or is canceled.

Partially filled instructions

Set instructions on how to behave when order is partially filled.

Reduced in size: Reduces the quantity of other orders in the group by the partially filled quantity of the order. Please note that using this option without overfill protection may likely result in multiple orders being routed to an exchange. This may result in an overfill, or in a rejection in the case of multiple sell orders where one is tagged as "short sale."

Reduced in size (Overfill Protection): Designed to reduce quantity of other orders in the group by the partially-filled quantity of the order, and specifies that only one order at a time will be submitted to an exchange to avoid multiple orders filling (overfill).

Cancelled: All orders in the group will be canceled. When selected, "overfill protection" is automatically enabled to prevent an overfill.

Overfill Protection

Dictates that only one order in the group will be routed to an exchange at a time. This completely removes the possibility of an overfill.