Market Value - Real FX Position

The Market Value section shows you total value for all assets sorted by currency. Accounts with the ability to transfer between brokers will also have an In Transit tab to monitor DVPs and other position transfers.

If you have strategies or models, view them by expanding a line, or use the drop-down selector to view values only for a selected model/strategy.

The following table defines the fields in the Market Value section. Note that not all available fields are displayed in the above image.




Open positions are grouped by currency.

Total Cash

Cash recognized at the time of trade + futures P&L.

This value reflects real-time current FX positions, including:

    Trades executed directly through the FX market

    Trades executed as a result of automatic IB conversions, which occur when you trade a product in a non-base currency,

    Trades deliberately executed to close non-base currency positions using the FXCONV destination.

Settled Cash

Total cash that has settled + futures P&L.

Accrued Interest

Reflects the current month's accrued debit and credit interest to date, updated daily.


Real-time mark-to-market value of stock.


Real-time mark-to-market value of securities options.


Real-time change in futures value since last settlement.


Real-time mark-to-market value of futures options.


Current funds balance.

Exchange Rate

The currency exchange rate to the base currency.

Net Liquidation Value

Total cash value + stock value + options value + bond value.

Unrealized P&L

The difference between the current market value of your open positions and the average cost, or Value - Average Cost.

Realized P&L

Shows your profit on closed positions, which is the difference between your entry execution cost and exit execution cost, or
(execution price + commissions to open the position) - (execution price + commissions to close the position).