Trailing Market if Touched

A trailing market if touched is similar to a trailing stop order, except that the sell order sets the initial stop price at a fixed amount above the market price instead of below. As the market price falls, the stop trigger price falls by the user-defined trailing amount, but if the price rises, the stop price remains the same. When the stop trigger is touched, a market order is submitted. Reverse this for a buy trailing market if touched order.

To create a Trailing Market if Touched order

  1. Click the Ask price to create a BUY order, or the Bid price to create a SELL order.
  2. In the Type field select TRAIL MIT as the order type.
  3. In the Aux. Price field, enter the trailing amount.
  4. In the Stop Price field, enter the trigger price.
  5. To transmit the order, click the "T" in the Status field.

For a more detailed description of relative orders visit the Order Types information page.