Watch a video on how to use the Sweep to Fill order attribute!


A sweep-to-fill order identifies the best price and the exact quantity offered/available at the price, and transmits the corresponding portion of your order for immediate execution. It simultaneously identifies the next best price and quantity offered/available and submits the matching quantity of your order for immediate execution.

To create a sweep-to-fill order

  1. Display the Sweeps to Fill field for an order management line: Hold your mouse over any field title until the "+" and "x" Insert and Remove icons appear. Click the "+ " to display the list of available fields. Note that if you hover your mouse over an order field, all available order fields are displayed. If you hover over a market data field, all available market date fields are displayed.
  1. On the trading screen, click the Ask Price to create a BUY order, or the Bid Price to create a Sell order.
  2. Check the Sweep to Fill field.
  3. To transmit the order, click the "T" in the Status field.


For a more detailed description of sweep-to-fill orders, visit the Order Types information page.