Watch a video on how to create a limit order!


A limit order is an order to buy or sell a contract ONLY at the specified price or better.

To create a Limit order

Populate the Order Entry panel by selecting an instrument in a linked window or typing the symbol in the entry box.

Click Buy or Sell.

Select LMT from the list of order types, and enter a limit price.

Click Submit to send the order.


From within the Classic Interface:

  1. Click the Ask price to create a BUY order, or the Bid price to create a SELL order.
  2. In the Type field select LMT as the order type.
  3. In the Lmt Price field, enter the price at which you want the order to execute.
  4. To transmit the order, click the "T" in the Status field.


For a more detailed description of limit orders and the products and exchanges on which they're supported, visit the Order Types information page.