Good After Time

A "good after time" order is held in the system and sent to the exchange on the date and time you enter.



To create a "good after time" order

  1. Display the Start Time field on an order management line:
  • Hold your cursor over a field in the order row fields until the green “+” sign appears. Click the “+” sign to show the list of order fields.
  • In the Time in Force category, select Start Time. The field is added to the left of the selected field.
  1. On the trading screen, create an order (click in the Ask Price to create a BUY order, or the Bid Price to create a Sell order).


  2. In the Good After Time field, click the Calendar icon to open the date/time setter.
  3. Choose a month, year and day from the Date area, and a time and time zone from the Time area. Click OK.

    Note that the time uses a 24-hour clock instead of "AM" and "PM."

  4. Transmit the order. The order is held in the IB system until the time and date you set.

For a more detailed description of GAT orders and the products and exchanges supported, visit the Order Types information page.