Use the Mosaic Order Entry panel!

The Order Entry Panel

Use the Order Entry panel to create and then Submit or Save an order. It's linked via windows color grouping to other windows, which means that when you choose an instrument from another window in the group, the Order Entry panel is "loaded" with that instrument and ready to submit an order. It's easy to change the asset by selecting from the drop down list of previously used instruments, or typing in a new one manually. To set up an option order, click the Option Chain button to easily pick an option contract.

Use the Advanced panel to include additional order attributes and to create OCO, profit-taking or hedging orders.


The Order Entry tile supports different modes, and you can modify the mode to fit your trading style. The above image shows the panel in Interactive mode.

To change the Order Entry mode

Click the configuration gear icon in the top right corner of the panel's title bar and select Settings.

Select the Order Entry tool style. Choose from:

  • Interactive: Enables the click-able "Position" and "Bid/Mid/Ask" ruler to fill in order parameters.
  • Simplified: Smaller display with fewer selections.
  • Rapid Transmit: Quickly submit the order by clicking the Sell or Buy button. This version does not include a "Submit" button.