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Mosaic Market Scanners

Create, customize, edit and view Mosaic Market Scanners from within the Mosaic layout. You can create a new custom scanner, or choose a Predefined Mosaic Market Scanner.

To create a Mosaic Market Scanner

From within Mosaic, click the "add new window" icon in the Monitor window and select Mosaic Market Scanner.

Select Create new custom scan... and enter a title for the scan.

Define the scan "Universe" including the product(s), region(s), exchange(s), instrument type(s), index, and optional industry filters. You can see the market scanner results in the scanner pane as you define the universe.

Use the Fields section to add, remove, and manage each displayed value. Use Dual Sort on one field to show the scanner sorted in both directions on the selected field. To change the order in which fields are displayed in the scan, drag and drop fields into the desired order.

Each field provides a "Display" and "Sort" selection. Use these selectors to customize and organize scan data.

Click Done to complete the scan. Click Edit Scanner at the top right of the scan window to modify any Mosaic Market Scanner at any time.

To open or edit an existing scanner

  1. Hold your mouse over the tab set to show all available tabs.
  2. Click a scanner tab on the Monitor window.

You can export the scan results to an Excel spreadsheet to allow you to use and manipulate the data.

To export scanner results

Complete defining the scanner criteria (or "Edit" the scanner).

At the bottom of the scanner edit window, click Export Results.

Enter a name for the file, and modify the Save in location if desired. Click Save.

The scan data is now saved in a .csv file. \

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