Watch a short video to learn more about the Bonds Request for Quote!

Submit a Bond RFQ

Submit a Request for Quote (RFQ) for Municipal, CDs and Corporate bonds using the TWS Classic Layout (currently not supported in Mosaic).

To submit an RFQ

  1. From the bond line in the Quote Monitor, use the right-click menu to select Create RFQ.
  2. Select Buy or Sell and define the quantity.
    • For Municipal and CD RFQs of any sizes and for corporate bonds with a size less than 50k you can only request a bid (SELL).
  3. From the Transmit field click RFQ to submit.

The data line turns red to indicate the RFQ is active. is awaiting an RFQ, and the Status field will show light blue to indicate the RFQ is awaiting a response. Once you receive the quote the Status field shows "Transmit" for you to submit the bond order.

The Status field shows a count-down to expiration for the quote, generally five minutes. If the quote expires you will need to submit a new RFQ to trade the instrument.