Monitor the Order Progress

The order Summary provides real-time data to let you monitor the progress of the Accumulate/Distribute order. This data applies only to the algo on this page. Use the aggregate Summary tab to see order management lines for all of your Accumulate/Distribute algos.

Data in the Summary block monitors the order in real time and shows the following:

Share submitted - Shows the number of shares that have currently been submitted.

Shares bought - The total number of shares bought (or sold) to date in the algo. The sliding shading illustrates the percent of the order complete.

Shares remaining - The outstanding quantity.

Last Trade Price - The price at which the last trade in the algo filled.

Average price - The average price to date for the completed portion of the order.

Time of last size increase - The time the last component size filled.

Time until next size increase - The counter counts down the time until the next component size will be submitted.