Unbooked Trades

This section shows details about trades that are immediately given up to a third-party broker and are not booked into your IB account before being given up.

Field Description
Account ID The account number.
Account Alias Account alias, if there is one.
Model Model, if applicable.
Currency The currency denomination of the unbooked trade.
Asset Class The asset class of the unbooked trade.
FX Rate to Base The conversion rate from asset currency to base currency.
Symbol The symbol of the unbooked trade.
Description The description of the unbooked trade.
Conid The conid of the unbooked trade.
Security ID The security ID of the unbooked trade.
Security ID Type The security ID type of the unbooked trade.
CUSIP The CUSIP of the unbooked trade.
ISIN The ISIN of the unbooked trade.
FIGI The FIGI of the unbooked trade.
Underlying Conid The underlying conid of the unbooked trade if applicable.
Underlying Symbol The underlying symbol of the unbooked trade if applicable.
Issuer The company that issued the contract. For structured products only.
Date/Time The date and time of the unbooked trade.
Settle Date The expected settle date of the unbooked trade.
Exchange The exchange where the transaction took place.
Broker Name The name of the broker.
Broker Account The broker account number.
Quantity The number of units.
Trade Price The transaction price of the unbooked trade.
Trade Amount Trade amount is calculated by multiplying the trade price and quantity.
Trade Amount in Base The trade amount in base currency.
Commission The total amount of commission for the unbooked trade.
Commission in Base The total amount of commission in base currency for the unbooked trade.
Tax The total amount of tax for the unbooked trade.
IB ExecID The IB execution ID.
Ext ExecID The external execution ID.
Transaction ID The transaction ID.
Code The code abbreviation.