Transaction Fees

A broad-based Transaction Fee is triggered by various types of transactions and is imposed either as a percentage of a transaction's full value, or as a flat fee.

Field Description
Account ID The account number.
Account Alias Account alias, if there is one.
Model Model, if applicable.
Currency The currency denomination.
Asset Class The asset class of the instrument traded.
FX Rate to Base The conversion rate from asset currency to base currency.
Symbol The symbol traded.
Description The instrument description.
Conid The conid of the instrument traded.
Security ID The security ID of the instrument traded.
Security ID Type The security ID type of the instrument traded.
CUSIP The CUSIP of the instrument traded.
ISIN The ISIN of the instrument traded.
FIGI The FIGI of the instrument traded.
Underlying Conid The underlying conid of the contract traded.
Underlying Symbol The underlying symbol of the contract traded.
Issuer The company that issued the contract. For structured products only.
Multiplier The multiplier of the contract traded.
Strike The strike price of the contract if applicable.
Expiry The expiration of the contract if applicable.
Put/Call Put or call.
Principal Adjustment Factor The IB calculated principal adjustment for Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS).
Date Date of the transaction associated with the tax.
Tax Description The description of the tax.
Quantity The number of units traded.
Report Date The date of the statement.
Tax Amount The tax amount associated with the transaction.
Transaction ID The ID of the transaction associated with the tax.
Trade Price The transaction price.
Code The code abbreviation.
Level of Detail Identifies if the data line is summary or detail.


Level of Detail

As part of setting up the Transaction Tax section for your Activity Flex Query, you select one or more Levels of Detail from among the following choices:

  • Summary
  • Detail