Trade Confirmation Configuration

Field Description

Account Number (ID).

Clients associated with Wealth Managers and Money Managers will see a Virtual Account Number here. The Virtual Account Number consists of the client Account ID, the Wealth Manager Mnemonic and the Money Manager Mnemonic.

Clients will see one of the following in place of their Account ID:

  • If no Account Alias is used:
    Client Account ID-WM Mnemonic-MM Mnemonic
  • If an Account Alias is used:
    Client Account Alias-WM Mnemonic-MM Mnemonic
AccountAlias Account alias, if there is one.
CurrencyPrimary The currency denomination of the instrument traded.
AssetClass The asset class of the instrument traded.
Symbol The symbol of the instrument traded.
Description The description of the instrument traded.
Conid The conid of the instrument traded.
ListingExchange The exchange the instrument traded.
UnderlyingConID The underlying ConID of the contract traded.
SecurityID The security ID of the instrument traded.
SecurityIDType The security ID type of the instrument traded.
CUSIP The CUSIP of the instrument traded.
ISIN The ISIN of the instrument traded.
UnderlyingListingExchange The underlying exchange the contract traded.
UnderlyingConid The underlying conid of the contract traded.
UnderlyingSymbol The underlying symbol of the contract traded.
Issuer The company that issued the contract. For Structured Products only.
Multiplier The multiplier of the contract traded.
Strike The strike price of the contract if applicable.
Expiry The expiration of the contract if applicable.
Put/Call Put or call.
Principal Adjustment Factor The IB calculated principal adjustment for Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS).
Transaction Type The transaction type.
TradeID The ID of the trade.
OrderID The IB order ID.
ExecID The IB execution ID.
BrokerageOrderID The brokerage order ID.
OrderReference The order reference number as defined by the user on the order ticket.
VolatilityOrderLink The volatility order link.
OrderPlacementTime The time at which the order was submitted.
ClearingFirmID The clearing firm ID.
OriginalTradePrice The original trade price that was cancelled.
OriginalTradeDate The original trade date that was cancelled.
OriginalTradeID The original trade ID that was cancelled.
OrderTime The time of the order.
Date/Time The date and time at which the trade was executed.
ReportDate The date of the statement.
SettleDate The settle date of execution.
TradeDate The date of the execution.
Exchange The exchange at which the trade took place.
Buy/Sell Buy or sell.
Quantity The number of shares or instrument traded.
Price The transaction price.
Amount Amount of the trade, calculated by multiplying Quantity x Price.
Proceeds Proceeds of the trade, calculated by multiplying Quantity X Transaction Price. Proceeds will be positive for buys and negative for sells.
Commission The total amount of commission for the transaction.
BrokerExecutionCommission The total amount of broker execution commission for the transaction.
BrokerClearingCommission The total amount of broker clearing commission for the transaction.
ThirdPartyExecution Commission The total amount of third-party execution commission for the transaction.
Third PartyClearing Commission The total amount of third-party clearing commission for the transaction.
Third PartyRegulatoryCommission The total amount of third-party regulatory commission for the transaction.
OtherCommission The total amount of other commissions for the transaction.
CommissionCurrency The currency denomination of the trade.
Tax The total amount of tax for the transaction.
Code The code abbreviation.

The order type used during the trade. Can be any one of the following order type abbreviations:

  • ALERT - Alert
  • FUNARI - Funari
  • LIT - Limit If Touched
  • LMT - Limit
  • LMTOB - Limit Or Better
  • LOC - Limit on Close order
  • LWOW - Limit With Or Without
  • MIDPX - Mid Price
  • MIT - Market If Touched
  • MKT - Market
  • MKTPROT - Market Protect
  • MOC - Market on Close order
  • MTL - Market To Limit
  • PASSVREL, PSVR -Passive Relative
  • PEGBENCH - Peg Bench
  • PEGGED - Pegged
  • PEGMID - Peg To Mid
  • PEGMID2 - Peg To Mid2
  • PEGMIDVOL - Peg Mid Vol
  • PEGMKT - Peg To Mkt
  • PEGMKTVOL - Peg Mkt Vol
  • PEGPRMVOL - Peg Prim Vol
  • PEGSRFVOL - Peg Surf Vol
  • REL - Relative
  • REL2MID - Relative Up To Mid
  • RELSTK - Relative To Stock
  • RFQ - Quote Request
  • RPI - Retail Price Improve
  • SNAPMID - Snap To Mid Point
  • SNAPMKT - Snap To Market
  • SNAPREL - Snap To Primary
  • STP - Stop
  • STPLMT - Stop Limit
  • STPPROT - Stop Protect
  • TRAIL - Trailing Stop
  • TRAILLIT - Trailing Limit If Touched
  • TRAILLMT - Trailing Stop Limit
  • TRAILMIT - Trailing Market If Touched
  • VOLAT - Volat
  • WOW - With Or Without

This indicates the order type that was sent to the relevant exchange by Interactive Brokers in order to execute the order instructions provided by customer. For advanced order types or order types that are simulated by the IB Smart Routing System (e.g., market orders may be simulated through the use of marketable limit orders), details of the original order attributes may be accessible through the IB TWS audit trail facility. Detailed description of order types for each exchange are available here.

LevelofDetail Executions, orders or closed lots.
TraderID Trader ID is an alias that identifies the person who executed a trade without revealing his or her username. A prefix of "M" indicates a username associated with the Master account. A prefix of "C" indicates a username associated with a client or sub account.
IsAPIOrder Indicates if the order was submitted by the IB TWS API.
AllocatedTo Displays the client Account ID for Advisor-allocated orders.
Commodity Commodity type.
Delivery Physical delivery type.
Weight Weight of delivery.
Fineness Fineness of commodity.
Serial Number Serial number of commodity.