Statement of Funds

This section is a ledger that displays all cash-related transactions for the statement time period. It displays the open and closing cash balances and all cash activity (credits and debits) that occurred as single line items. This is an optional section. Statements are listed by each individual currency in the account.

Field Description
Account ID The account number.
Account Alias Account alias, if there is one.
Model Model, if applicable.
Report Date The date of the statement.
Date The date on which the transaction occurred.
Settle Date The settle date of execution.
Activity Code The activity code abbreviation.
Activity Description The description of transaction.
Debit The amount debited from your account.
Credit The amount credited to your account.
Balance The account balance after the related transaction.
Level of Detail Executions, orders or closed lots.
Currency Base currency for the transaction.
Amount Amount of the transaction (Credit + Debit).
Trade Code The trade code abbreviation.
Trade ID The ID of the trade.
Trade Quantity The number of units for the transaction.
Trade Gross The gross total of the trade transaction.
Trade Commission The commission for the transaction.
Trade Tax The total amount of tax for the transaction.
Asset Class The name of the asset class in which you had transactions.
Symbol The symbol of the instrument you traded.
Description The description of the instrument traded.
Conid The contract ID of the instrument traded.
Security ID The security ID of the instrument traded.
Security ID Type The security ID type of the instrument traded.
CUSIP The CUSIP of the instrument traded.
ISIN The ISIN of the instrument traded.
FIGI The FIGI of the instrument traded.
Underlying Conid The underlying contract ID of the contract traded.
Underlying Symbol The underlying symbol of the contract traded.
Issuer The company that issued the contract. For structured products only.
Transaction ID Unique ID for this transaction.
Commodity Commodity type.
Delivery Physical delivery type.
Weight Weight of delivery.
Fineness Fineness of commodity.
Serial Number Serial number of commodity.