Stock Yield Enhancement Program Securities Lent Interest Details

This section for Portfolio Margin customers shows details of direct borrow or loan fees for securities directly borrowed or lent via Stock Borrow/Loan.

Field Description
Account ID The account number.
Account Alias Account alias, if there is one.
Model Model, if applicable.
Currency The currency denomination of the borrow or lend fee.
Asset Class The asset class.
FX Rate to Base The conversion rate from asset currency to base currency.
Symbol The symbol of the security lent.
Description The description of the stock.
Conid The conid of the stock.
Security ID The security ID of the stock.
Security ID Type The security ID type of the stock.
CUSIP The CUSIP of the stock.
ISIN The ISIN of the stock.
FIGI The FIGI of the stock.
Underlying Conid The underlying conid of the stock if applicable.
Underlying Symbol The underlying symbol of the stock if applicable.
Issuer The company that issued the contract. For structured products only.
Value Date The date used to compute the lend fee details.
Start Date Start date of the loan.
Type DirectBorrow, DirectLoan, or ManagedLoan.
Exchange The exchange that facilitated the borrow/lend.
Quantity The number of shares lent.
Collateral Amount The collateral amount securing the loan.
Fee Rate % The fee rate expressed, in percent, to borrow/lend the security.
Fee The fee rate expressed, in dollars, to borrow/lend the security.
Carry Charge The carry charge.
Ticket Charge The ticket charge.
Total Charges The total charges.
Market-based Rate (%) The market-based interest rate on Value Date.
Gross Lend Fee The total amount that IB collects for lending your fully-paid shares.
Net Lend Fee Rate % The net lend fee percentage rate.
Net Lend Fee Gross Lend Fee – IB Mgmt Charge. This is the amount you receive for allowing IB to lend your fully-paid shares.
Code The code abbreviation.
Transaction ID Unique ID for this transaction.