This section explains all of the code abbreviations that appear in the Code column of different statement sections.

Note: This section appears in the Default Statement, Legacy Full Default Statement, Realized Summary, Quarterly Activity Summary, Activity Flex Query, and Model Statement Report.

Code Description
A Assignment
AEx Automatic exercise for dividend-related recommendation
Adj Adjustment
Al Allocation
Aw Away Trade
B Automatic Buy-in
Bo Direct Borrow
C Closing Trade
CD Cash Delivery
CP Complex Position
Ca Cancelled
Co Corrected Trade
Cx Part or all of this transaction was a Crossing executed as dual agent by IB for two IB customers
ETF ETF Creation/Redemption
Ep Resulted from an Expired Position
Ex Exercise
G Trade in Guaranteed Account Segment
GEA Expiration or Assignment resulting from offsetting positions
HC Highest Cost tax lot-matching method
HFI Investment Transferred to Hedge Fund
HFR Redemption from Hedge Fund
I Internal Transfer
IA This transaction was executed against an IB affiliate
INV Investment Transfer from Investor
L Ordered by IB (Margin Violation)
LD Adjusted by Loss Disallowed from Wash Sale
LI Last In, First Out (LIFO) tax lot-matching method
LT Long-term P/L
Lo Direct Loan
M Entered manually by IB
MEx Manual exercise for dividend-related recommendation
ML Maximize Losses tax basis election
MLG Maximize Long-Term Gain tax lot-matching method
MLL Maximize Long-Term Loss tax lot-matching method
MSG Maximize Short-Term Gain tax lot-matching method
MSL Maximize Short-Term Loss tax lot-matching method
O Opening Trade
P Partial Execution
PI Price Improvement
Po Interest or Dividend Accrual Posting
Pr Part or all of this transaction was executed by the Exchange as a Crossing by IB against an IB affiliate and is therefore classified as a Principal and not an agency trade
R Dividend Reinvestment
Rb Rebill
RED Redemption to Investor
Re Interest or Dividend Accrual Reversal
Ri Reimbursement
RI Recurring Investment
SI This order was solicited by Interactive Brokers
SL Specific Lot tax lot-matching method
SO This order was marked as solicited by your Introducing Broker
SS Customer designated this trade for shortened settlement and so is subject to execution at prices above the prevailing market
ST Short-term P/L
SY Positions that may be eligible for Stock Yield. Potential for additional annualized income of 25.20 USD
T Transfer