Advisory Fee Invoice
October 4, 2021

Interactive Brokers LLC, Two Pickwick Plaza, Greenwich, CT 06830

Account Information
Name Title for Uxxxxxxx
Investment Advisor Master Name for Uxxxxxxx
Base Currency USD
Advisory Fee Invoice

You have asked Interactive Brokers to automatically calculate and deduct advisory fees from your online trading account based on a formula you and your advisor have agreed upon, and to pay those fees to your advisor, Master Name for Uxxxxxxx. Based on these instructions, we are deducting -723.00 USD in advisory fees for the period October 4, 2021 and paying this to your advisor for you.

This fee was calculated using the Manual methodology that you selected when you instructed Interactive Brokers to deduct your advisor's fees from your IB account.

Detailed information about the automatic billing formulas is available on the Interactive Brokers website.

IB is providing you with this itemized invoice at the request of your advisor, Master Name for Uxxxxxxx.

Review this advisory fee information and notify your advisor or Interactive Brokers of any errors.

Account Fee Type Date Fee
Uxxxxxxx Manual 2021-10-04 723.00

You instructed Interactive Brokers to deduct advisory fees as invoiced by your advisor (up to a cap you set) and pay them to your advisor from your account. As you instructed, an advisory fee of -723.00 has been deducted from your account and paid to your advisor based on an invoice your advisor provided.

Total 723.00

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