Snapshot Market Data


IBKR offers eligible clients the option of receiving a real-time price quote for a single instrument on a request basis. This service, referred to as “Snapshot Quotes” differs from the traditional quote services which offer continuous streaming and updates of real-time prices. Snapshot Quotes are offered as a low-cost alternative to clients who do not trade regularly and require data from specific exchanges1 when submitting an order. Additional details regarding this quote service is provided below.

Quote Components

The Snapshot quote includes the following data:

  • Last price

  • Last size

  • Last exchange

  • Current bid-ask

  • Size for each of current bid-ask

  • Exchange for each of current bid-ask

Available Services

Service Restrictions Price per Quote Request (USD)2
AMEX (Network B/CTA)   $0.01
ASX Total No access to ASX24. $0.03
Limited to Non-Professional subscribers
Bolsa de Madrid   $0.03
Canadian Exchange Group (TSX/TSXV) Limited to Non-Professional subscribers who are not clients of IB Canada $0.03
CBOT Real-Time   $0.03
CME Real-Time   $0.03
COMEX Real-Time   $0.03
Eurex Core Limited to Non-Professional subscribers $0.03
Euronext Basic Limited to Non-Professional subscribers $0.03
Includes Euronext equities, indices, equity derivatives and index derivatives.
German ETF's and Indices Limited to Non-Professional subscribers $0.03
Hong Kong (HKFE) Derivatives   $0.03
Hong Kong Securities Exchange (Stocks, Warrants, Bonds)   $0.03
Johannesburg Stock Exchange   $0.03
Montreal Derivatives Limited to Non-Professional subscribers $0.03
NASDAQ (Network C/UTP)   $0.01
Nordic Derivatives   $0.03
Nordic Equity   $0.03
NYMEX Real-Time   $0.03
NYSE (Network A/CTA)   $0.01
OPRA (US Options Exchanges)   $0.03
Shanghai Stock Exchange 5 Second Snapshot (via HKEx)   $0.03
Shenzhen Stock Exchange 3 Second Snapshot (via HKEx)   $0.03
SIX Swiss Exchange Limited to Non-Professional subscribers $0.03
Spot Market Germany (Frankfurt/Xetra) Limited to Non-Professional subscribers $0.03
STOXX Index Real-Time Data Limited to Non-Professional subscribers $0.03
Toronto Stk Exchange Limited to Non-Professional subscribers who are clients of IB Canada $0.03
TSX Venture Exchange Limited to Non-Professional subscribers who are clients of IB Canada $0.03
UK LSE (IOB) Equities   $0.03
UK LSE Equities   $0.03

1In accordance with regulatory requirements, IBKR no longer offers delayed quotation information on U.S. equities to Interactive Brokers LLC clients. All clients (IBKR Lite and Pro) have access to streaming real-time US equity quotes from Cboe One and IEX at no charge. Since this data does not include all markets, IB does not show this quote when entering parameters for an order in a US stock quote. IBKR clients are able to access a snapshot of real-time quote information for US stocks at the point of order entry.

2Cost is per snapshot quote request and will be assessed in the Base Currency equivalent, if not USD.


  • Accounts must maintain the Market Data Subscription Minimum and Maintenance Equity Balance Requirements in order to qualify for Snapshot quotes.

  • The Users must operate TWS Build 976.0 or higher to access Snapshot quote functionality.

Pricing Details

  • Clients will receive $1.00 of snapshot quotes free of charge each month. Free snaphots may be applied to either U.S. or non-U.S. quote requests and charges will be applied, without additional notice, once the free allocation has been exhausted. Clients may review their snapshot usage as of the close of each business day via the Client Portal.

  • Quote fees are assessed on a lag basis, generally in the first week after the month in which Snapshot services were provided. Accounts which do not have sufficient cash or Equity With Loan Value to cover the monthly fee will be subject to position liquidations.

  • The monthly fee for snapshots will be capped at the related streaming real-time monthly service price. At which time the streaming quotes will be provided at no additional cost for the remainder of the month. The switch to streaming quotes will take place at approximately 18:30 EST the following business day after reaching the snapshot threshold. At the close of the month, the streaming service will automatically terminate and the snapshot counter will reset. Each service is capped independently of the others and quote requests for one service cannot be counted towards the cap of another. See table below for sample details.

Service Price per Quote Request (USD) Non-Pro Subscriber Cap (Requests/Total Cost)2 Pro Subscriber Cap (Requests/Total Cost)3
AMEX (Network B/CTA) $0.01 150/$1.50 2,300/$23.00
NASDAQ (Network C/UTP) $0.01 150/$1.50 2,500/$25.00
NYSE (Network A/CTA) $0.01 150/$1.50 4,500/$45.00