How do I file a complaint?

In order to file a complaint with Interactive Brokers, please submit a trouble ticket via Client Portal:

  • Login to Client Portal

  • Click on Help

  • Select Secure Message Center

  • Select Compose followed by New Ticket

  • Select Account Services as the category and Complaints as the topic

  • Write "Complaint" as your brief description, and submit

  • Select Account and enter your details in the field provided

  • Submit ticket

Within the body of the ticket, IBKR asks that you provide a detailed description of your complaint. If your complaint is regarding a trade, IBKR asks that you provide the details of the trade(s), which may include, but is not limited to the order submission date and time, security description, execution date and time, execution price, and requested compensation amount with calculation. Please keep in mind that all trade related disputes must be submitted within a timely manner. Specifically, trade cancellation requests must be within IBKR and/or the exchange's time parameters.

Upon receipt of your complaint, IBKR will acknowledge and respond to your complaint via Client Portal thru a new ticket created by IBKR entitled, "Communication for complaint related to ticket #<TICKET NUMBER>". Thereon, IBKR asks that all correspondence related to your complaint be written in the communication ticket.

Typically, complaints will be responded to within three to five days; however certain complex issues may take longer to evaluate. In the meantime, IBKR asks that you manage all orders, trades, and positions in your account in order to ensure that your account is not subject to unnecessary risk or fluctuations during the investigation period.

While all claims submitted receive fair-minded and impartial consideration towards resolution, the filing of a claim alone does not guarantee partial or full payment of the amount requested. Claimants are encouraged to review the customer Agreement as it is the language in this agreement which forms the basis by which complaints are evaluated. Should the Customer Agreement vary from the IBKR website, the Customer Agreement will supersede the website. With respect to trade related complaints, please note the following clauses in the Customer Agreement: (i) Customers are responsible for all transactions entered using the customer's user name / password; (ii) Cancellation requests are not guaranteed; (iii) IBKR is not liable for any action or decision of any exchange, market, dealer, clearinghouse or regulator, (iv) Customers are bound to the order execution, if consistent with the customer's order and (v) Customers are responsible for knowing the terms and conditions of the products traded and the respective markets. Customers are responsible for maintaining sufficient equity within the account at all times to meet margin requirements. Should the customer's account have insufficient equity IBKR has the right, but not the obligation, to liquidate all or any part of the customer's position at any time and in any manner without prior notice to the customer. Please note that IBKR will not indemnify a customer for technological issues or lost opportunity at any time.

To review the IBKR Customer Agreement in its entirety, select Forms & Disclosures from the bottom of the IBKR homepage followed by the applicable Customer Agreement.