Information on Irish Interest Withholding


The Irish Tax Authority requires us to collect withholding tax on interest earned in Ireland. This withholding is at a rate of 20% and must be deducted from interest payments to your account.

Please note withholding tax applies to all clients who are resident in Ireland, whether individuals (including partnerships) or companies.

Withholding tax does not apply to clients who are companies in countries that are members of the European Union (excluding Ireland) or companies in countries that have a Double Tax Agreement (DTA) with Ireland.

For other clients in the EU (excluding Ireland) or if you are a non-resident of Ireland but tax resident in a country with a Double Tax Agreement (DTA) with Ireland, you may complete Form 8-3-6, that will reduce or eliminate your withholding tax. In addition to providing your information, you will need to have the form completed by the tax authority in the country where you are a tax resident.

You will require the following information in order to complete Form 8-3-6.

  1. Client name (please ensure this matches the name on your account).

  2. Client address.

  3. Tax reference number in country of residence.

  4. The country in which the client is resident for tax.

  5. The rate of withholding tax between the country of tax residence and Ireland (see below).

  6. Signature.

  7. Date.

On completion of the form, you should submit it to the local tax authority in the country of your residence. The local tax authority must sign and stamp the form. As per below, Form 8-3-6 has been translated into French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

Once you receive the completed form from your local tax authority, please email a PDF or JPEG copy of the fully signed form to

Please note, the withholding tax rate depends on the DTA between Ireland and your country of tax residence which can be found on the Irish Revenue website

For your convenience, we have prepared the forms to include items 3 to 5 above for all countries in the European Economic Area (“EEA”). Clients will need to complete the other items in 1 to 7 above.

For clients outside the EEA please use this form when the withholding tax rate is 0% and this form in all other cases.

  1. EEA countries with 0% Withholding Tax.

    Austria Denmark Hungary Netherlands/Formulier 8-3-6. Rente
    Croatia Finland Iceland Slovakia
    Czech Republic France/Form 8-3-6. Intérêts Luxembourg Spain/Formulario 8-3-6. Intereses
    Cyprus Germany/Formular 8-3-6. Zinsen Malta Sweden
  2. EEA countries with rates above 0% Withholding Tax.

    Belgium Greece Lithuania Romania
    Bulgaria Italy/Modulo 8-3-6. Interessi Poland Slovenia
    Estonia Latvia Portugal  
  3. Other countries with a DTA with Ireland (* denotes where there is 0% withholding tax in all situations).

    Albania * Georgia Moldova Singapore
    Armenia Ghana Montenegro South Africa*
    Australia Hong Kong Morocco South Korea*
    Bahrain* India New Zealand Switzerland*
    Belarus Israel North Macedonia* Thailand
    Bosnia & Herzegovina* Japan Norway Turkey
    Botswana Kazakhstan Pakistan Ukraine
    Canada Kenya Panama United Arab Emirates*
    Chile Kosovo Qatar* United Kingdom*
    China Kuwait* Russian Federation* United States of America*
    Egypt Malaysia Saudi Arabia* Uzbekistan
    Ethopia Mexico Serbia Vietnam