About Escrow Accounts for Sanctioned Securities


An escrow account was opened in your name if you own securities that are subject to comprehensive sanctions imposed by the US Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Asset Control ("OFAC").

Why do I have an escrow account?

We created an “escrow account” for you to hold positions in sanctioned securities so they are segregated from your other holdings in accordance with sanctions regulations.

What is an escrow account?

This escrow account will be used only to hold your sanctioned securities, which cannot be traded or transferred.

Can I cancel my escrow account?

No, you are not able to cancel your escrow account so long as you hold sanctioned securities.

How do I access my escrow account?

Escrow accounts will be visible in Client Portal in the same way as all other accounts owned by the clients. You will have read only access to the new escrow account and obtain statements & reports.

Do I earn any interest / dividends on the assets held in escrow?

No, we are not allocated the interest or dividend from the custodian and is prohibited from processing dividend payments on sanctioned securities.

How do assets held in escrow affect my account’s NAV?

Your escrow account is linked to your regular account(s) but its equity is not considered part of the value of your non-escrow account(s), as these securities are subject to sanctions.

How do assets held in escrow affect my margin limits?

All sanctioned securities are non-marginable and cannot be used as collateral to support other positions.

How do I generate statements for the escrow account?

You can generate statements through Client Portal just as you would for your regular account.

Can I generate separate and combined statements for my accounts?

Yes, statements should be generated in the same way you would if you held multiple non-escrow accounts.

Can I write off assets held in escrow from my taxes?

The tax impact of your escrowed assets may vary by your location. We recommend you consult with a local tax professional to understand the specific tax impacts of these sanctioned securities.

Is my escrow account subject to the same protections as my brokerage account?

Yes, your assets will remain in the escrow account but have the same protections as your brokerage account.