How to Opt Back Into the Secure Login System


Clients who have performed an opt-out from the Secure Login System (SLS) program expose themselves to certain risks and are therefore subject to certain restrictions (e.g. ability to trade Pink Sheet and OTCBB stocks). Considering this, along with the protection benefits afforded through a complete SLS protection, you may decide to opt back into the Secure Login System. The following article provides the step-by-step instructions for accomplishing this.


Please note that in order to modify the security settings for an account, the primary user needs to login to the Client Portal. If your user is not allowed to change the security settings, the system will show you a notice and will point you to the user which has such rights.

In order to opt back into the Secure Login System, please proceed as follows:

  1. Open your browser and go to the web page

  2. Click on Log In > Portal Login

  3. Enter your credentials and complete the authentication using your security device.

  4. Click the User menu (head and shoulders icon in the top right corner) followed by Settings.

  5. Under the User Settings section find Security and click Secure Login System.

  6. Select one of the radio buttons below to enroll your secure login device.

    If you select "I would like to install IBKR Mobile and use my smart phone as my Secure Login Device.", you will be prompted with instructions on downloading the IBKR Mobile App for two-step authentication.

    If you select "I would like to enroll in the Secure Login System without installing IBKR Mobile." you will be prompted to use our Online Security Code Card for authentication.

    If you select "I already have access to a Secure Login Device under a different username." you will be prompted to log in with the different username for authentication.


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