How to Transfer TWS Settings from One User to Another


Trader Workstation (TWS) layout settings files contains few sensitive details that are now being protected by encrypting them. Hence, you can only transfer your TWS settings from one user to another if you have a decrypted settings file from the primary user.

In this article, we will explain how to export your current TWS layout settings in decrypted format and load it on a different TWS session. You can use the same procedure to export layout settings of your Paper (Simulated) TWS and load it on your Live TWS (and vice versa).

Please follow the below steps to transfer your TWS layout settings from one user to another:

  1. Log in to TWS with the user whose settings you would like to export.

  2. Navigate to the top menu File followed by Layout Settings > Save Decrypted Settings As.

  3. Click Yes on the warning pop up

  4. Open the Look In drop-down and select the folder (e.g. Desktop) where you want the decrypted settings file to be saved

  5. Choose a name of your preference (e.g., migrate) and click Save. A pop-up will flash to inform you that the file has been written

  6. Restart the TWS. Log in with the user which should import the layout settings

  7. In the top left, click on File > Layout Settings > Layout/Settings Recovery

  8. Select Custom and click OK

  9. Open the Look In drop-down and select the location where you previously saved the decrypted settings file (step 5). Click Open

  10. Click Open without reporting problem

  11. Your TWS will automatically restart, loading the imported layout settings


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