Secure Login System (SLS)

To provide you with the highest level of security, Interactive Brokers uses a Secure Login System (SLS) with two-factor authentication (2FA) to help protect your account.

Two-factor authentication serves to confirm your identity at the point of login by using two security elements:

  • Your username and password combination (e.g., something you know)

  • Your mobile device or, in some instances, an IBKR issued security device (e.g., something you have)

Because the SLS requires both elements, the risk of someone other than you accessing your account is greatly reduced.


Two-Factor Authentication via the Secure Login System offers several benefits, including:

  • Always available: IBKR offers two mobile 2-Factor authentication solutions. You can always be protected in the comfort of your mobile device of choice. Certain accounts have as well the option of a physical card (DSC+) for 2-Factor login.

  • Convenient: Users who opt for the smartphone SLS solutions do not need additional devices. In the event of loss or change of phone, you can recover your access in self-service. For any further assistance, IBKR Client Services is available to help you get back up and running at a moment’s notice.

  • Quick activation: Once downloaded and setup, you can immediately start using the app to securely access your account, when using a smartphone access.

  • Secure, but quick and “no-hassle” login: All SLS solutions involve the simple process of credentials and one code entry, with the added simplicity and speed if you use the notification login of the IBKR Mobile – IB Key.

  • Allows access for multiple users: Each user associated with your account can install IBKR Mobile to securely access the account. You can as well activate multiple users, for example for your business and for your personal account, in the same IB Key. The same versatility is available when using your Mobile Authenticator app.

  • Available for every smartphone, everywhere: IBKR Mobile – IB Key and your Mobile Authenticator app are available to you for any iOS or Android smartphone.

  • Works offline: If your device is offline (e.g., no signal), you can still use IBKR Mobile – IB Key or your Mobile Authenticator app and you can login to access your account and trade.

  • Secure delivery for password resets: With IBKR Mobile installed and the IB Key authentication configured, IBKR Client Services can securely send a temporary password to your phone without exposing it through text messages and less secure communication channels.

Note: All IBKR accounts are required to enroll in two-factor authentication.