Margin Report

You can see real-time margin summary amounts displayed in the Account window in Trader Workstation. For position margin requirements, however, you can view margin reports in Portal. At 16:15 ET each day, we record your margin and equity information for positions across all asset classes and exchanges for the margin report.

Margin reports show the margin requirements for all open single and combination positions. The report displays Available Funds (to determine if you can put on a new trade) and Excess Liquidity (when excess is depleted, you risk liquidation). Note that because information on your statements is displayed "as of" the cut-off time for each individual exchange, the information in your margin report may be different from that displayed on your statements.

Margin reports in Portal are the only place where you can view the margin requirements for combination/spread positions. Margin reports are available for the previous 180 days.

Margin Report Reference