Fee Templates

Templates make it considerably easier to maintain and modify multiple client fee schedules for multiple accounts. Whether or not you choose to configure it, a blank template is available to all Advisors. If you are new to IBKR the blank template will be set as your default. If you are already working with us and using templates, the default will be the template you are currently using, which you can modify but not delete. If you have created and saved more than one template you can choose which one to designate as your default.

You are not required to create templates. If you wish, you can select one or more client accounts, create a fee schedule for them, and also apply it to other accounts or groups of accounts. If you take this approach, the word “Default” will appear in the Template column of each account.

  1. Click Menu in the top left corner > Administration & Tools > Fees & Invoicing > Fee Templates.

From the Fee Templates page, you can do the following:

View existing client fee templates

Create new templates

Edit or delete existing templates

Apply templates to client accounts