Third-Party Services

Use this page to activate or deactivate third-party services, which lets clients use outside reporting and aggregate web services with your account. Currently, we support the following third-party services for activity data:

  • Mint

  • CashEdge/Fiserv Aggregation Services

  • Yodlee

  • TradeLog

  • TurboTax

  • Quicken Direct Connect

  • Plaid

    Note: TradeLog, TurboTax and Quicken Direct Connect are assigned to the selected account. CashEdge and Mint include all accounts for the user.

  1. Click the User menu (head and shoulders icon in the top right corner) > Settings > Account Reporting > Third Party Services.

  2. Select the check box to enable or disable any of the third-party service you want to use.
  3. For TurboTax integration, use the Token and Query ID as your credentials to link your Interactive Brokers account.
  4. Click the x button to return to the Account Settings screen.

Note: You must be logged in to the specific account in which you want to generate the Query ID and Token. The system will not allow you to use the account selector to switch accounts.